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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do the domain names listed on NameJet come from?
NameJet is a domain name aftermarket platform that allows its users to purchase the rights to expired and deleted domains as well as special listed domains from our registrar partners and other third party registrants (also referred to as Direct Listers). NameJet has the exclusive rights to auction expired domains from Network Solutions,, and many others, including SnapNames registrar partners.
What is a domain Backorder?
A backorder request is an expression of interest in a domain name. By placing a backorder, a customer has placed a commitment to participate in an auction and pay at least the minimum bid amount if the domain becomes available and the backorder meets the listed minimum bid amount. The customer has the option of retracting a backorder until the published deadline and time posted, if the backorder bid was at the minimum bid amount.

Placing a backorder for a domain name may result in an auction between all parties who backordered a specific domain meeting the minimum bid requirements, when the domain becomes available on our platform. If there is only one backorder request for a domain, the domain will be fulfilled at the backorder price if it meets the minimum bid. If there are multiple backorder requests at or above the minimum bid amount, a 3-day domain auction will be held for the registration rights to the domain.
Where do I manage a domain name I acquired through NameJet?
NameJet lists expired and deleted domain names from multiple registrars, and when you win one it is placed in an account created for you at that registrar. When the account is created, the registrar will send you a welcome email with the login and account details. All future domains you purchase on NameJet from this partner registrar will likely go into this same account.

If domains are listed by a Direct Lister, they will most likely be placed into an account at eNom, or with another registrar designated by NameJet. When the account is created, eNom or the designated registrar will send you a welcome email with the login and account details.
How will I know which account my domain is placed into?
NameJet will notify you by email with the registrar and account name when your domain name is awarded.
What if I don't have an account at the registrar that has supplied the domain name that I purchased through NameJet?
The registrar who supplied the domain will automatically create an account for you, the first time you win a domain there with the information you provided in conjunction with your NameJet account. The registrar will send you a welcome email with the login and account details. The registrar will likely place all future domains you win from them into this same account.
Can I use existing accounts with your Partner Registrars, like Network Solutions, to manage my NameJet activity?
Your accounts at Network Solutions (and all other partner registrars) and NameJet are separate. The first time you win a domain with that registrar, NameJet creates an account for you, puts the domains in it, and the Registrar sends you an email with login information for the account. If you wish, you may transfer the domain to other accounts, at Network Solutions or elsewhere, subject to the user agreements of the registrars involved.
How do I pay for domain names purchased that exceed $5,000?
For auctions of $5,000 or more, NameJet requires full payment via wire transfer. The instructions for sending a wire transfer can be found here Wire Transfer Instructions.

NameJet allows 14 calendar days for you to make a wire transfer into your account. Any completed auction or domain purchase in excess of $5,000 will have a "pending payment" status until the wire transfer funds are received, regardless of your account balance. If you fail to submit full payment via wire transfer during this 14-day period, your account will go into a Past Due status, placing bid restrictions on your account. Should you fail to pay for the domain during the 14-day Past Due status, your account will go into Default status, whereby the account will be suspended and the domain (along with any others still not paid for) may be re-listed or re-auctioned.


How much do backorders cost?
There is no cost to place a backorder request using the NameJet platform. You will only owe for the domains that you actually acquire through NameJet. Customers will be required to pay the minimum bid for single backorder sales and will pay the highest winning bid for any multi-bidder auctions.
Which domain name extensions (TLDs) can I backorder through NameJet?
You can currently backorder many common TLDs such as .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, .TV and .CC domains. We also have added some ccTLDs and new TLDs as well. Add your domain to your backorder list and if the name becomes available, we will notify you via email.
When will the domain name show up in my registrar account?
Any domains you successfully acquire through the NameJet platform will typically be placed in your registrar account within seven (7) business days and will be followed with an e-mail confirmation from the registrar where the domain is to be delivered. The e-mail confirmation will be your indication that the domain is now available for you to manage in your registrar account. You can also determine which registrar manages your domains from within your NameJet account in the MY DOMAINS section.


What is a Pre-Release name?
Pre-Release domain names are a combination of expired names provided through exclusive partnerships with some of the largest and oldest domain name registrars in the industry and domains listed by direct listers.
How do I get a Pre-Release domain name?
A list of all Pre-Release domains is updated daily and published on These domains can then be backordered in the same manner as our Pending Delete domains.

If there is only one Backorder request for a domain meeting the minimum bid amount, the auction will immediately close and the minimum required bid will be charged. If there are multiple users who have placed a backorder request for the domain at or above the listed minimum, a 3-day auction will occur beginning on the release date.
When can I enter, edit and delete a Pre-Release Backorder?
You can enter, edit or delete a Pre-Release backorder prior to the Pre-Release backorder deadline for a domain, but please note that only minimum bid Backorder requests can be deleted. We publish the Pre-Release Backorder deadline for each domain on the platform, and this deadline is typically 9PM PST on the last day of the Pre-Release period for the domain.
When do Pre-Release Auctions start and close?
Pre-Release auctions will generally start between 11AM and 2PM PST on the day after the published backorder deadline. Pre-Release auctions will typically close between 12PM and 2PM PST on the day the auction is scheduled to close. An email will be sent with the start and ending date/time for every auction for customers with a valid backorder placed prior to the backorder deadline.
What is "Auction Lock" and why is it placed on some Pre-Release domain names once they are delivered?
Depending on the originating registrar, upon receipt of your auction payment, the domain enters an escrow holding period known as Auction Lock. This holding period lasts for up to 42 days following the completion of a sale. During this period, the domain cannot be transferred, the WHOIS cannot be updated or changed to anyone other than the purchaser, nor can you push the domain to another account. Registrar partners of NameJet may have different holding periods, if any.
What is the NameJet/SnapNames Expiry Consolidation?
NameJet and SnapNames have consolidated expiry domain name inventory so that SnapNames expiry names are now also available on NameJet. Also, SnapNames customers will have the ability to backorder and bid on NameJet expiry domain names in a common auction.

Wish List Backorders

What is a Wishlist backorder?
Most of our users don't want to monitor our Pre-Release and Pending Delete published lists every day for each domain they wish to have. So we allow you to “Wishlist” backorder domains not currently listed on NameJet.

If you have a Wishlist backorder on a domain we will send you an email when the name comes up as a Pre-Release or Pending Delete domain and will automatically change the status of your backorder.

At that point you should determine if you are still interested in the domain; otherwise you will need to delete the backorder prior to the deadline to avoid acquiring a domain you may no longer want. If you still want the domain, please verify that your backorder meets the minimum backorder bid amount. Provided your backorder meets the minimum amount, that backorder will treated as a regular Pre-Release or Pending Delete backorder. If you do not increase your bid to the minimum amount, you will not be eligible to acquire the domain or participate in the auction that follows.
When can I edit or delete a Wishlist backorder?
As long as your backorder is still a Wishlist backorder you can delete or change your backorder bid anytime. Unlike Pre-Release and Pending Delete backorders, a Wishlist domain can be deleted at any time with any amount.
What will happen if my Wishlist Bid is below the minimum amount for a Pre-Release or Pending Delete Backorder?
When your Wishlist backorder transitions to a Pre-Release or Pending Delete backorder, there may be a chance that it does not meet the minimum bid amount for the domain. You will see an icon on the MY BACKORDERS list to indicate your backorder bid is below the Minimum Bid requirement. You will need to increase your backorder bid to that amount before the backorder deadline, or you will not be eligible to acquire the domains or included in any auction that follows.

Pending Delete

How does Pending Delete work and how is NameJet integrated with Snap[NAMES]?
Each day NameJet publishes a list of domains that are scheduled to be deleted by the associated registry. NameJet customers may submit backorder requests on these domains so that our drop-catching partner will attempt to acquire the name upon its release for re-registration.

NameJet and Snap[NAMES] have combined our resources in order to improve the drop catching efficacy for our customers. At the end of the backorder period, caught names that have multiple backorders will be placed in a common private auction where bids will be visible from both the NameJet and Snap[NAMES] platforms. This will allow our customers the best chance to acquire domains that they want and save them from having to place backorders on both platforms to improve their chances of acquiring a domain. If only one customer placed a backorder request at or above the listed minimum, the caught domain is awarded to that customer and payment for the auction is processed.

Please note that bidding that occurs during the backorder period prior to the private auctions will now be treated as proxy bids. Winning bidders will be notified via email which registrar will be fulfilling the new registration. You can also determine which registrar manages your domains from within your NameJet account under MY DOMAINS.
How do I know which domains are in Pending Delete?
NameJet will publish a list of all names that are scheduled to be deleted from the registries up to 5 days prior to the expected deletion date. These domains can be browsed through the platform, searched through the advanced search functionality, or downloaded via a list from the NameJet website. Letters, numbers and fonts can be interpreted differently, so please verify the spelling is as you expect before placing bids, as there are no refunds on auctions.
Does NameJet guarantee that it can get every domain with a Backorder request from the Pending Delete List?
No. There is great demand for some deleted domains. Our registrar partners will make an attempt to acquire every deleted domain with a Backorder request. However, other registrars are competing for many of the same names. If you feel a domain is a high value domain or you have a strong desire to get the name, it is recommended that you submit a Backorder bid higher than the minimum auction price as a way to indicate to our systems that the name is in great demand. Our registrar partners typically increase the system resources and prioritize the acquisition of domains with higher than minimum bids.
When can I Backorder Pending Delete domains?
If a name is in Pending Delete status with the registry, it is recommended that you immediately place a request for the name at NameJet. If you do not have a backorder on the domain when it drops and it is caught by a NameJet partner, you will not be able to participate in the auction for the domain. You can enter, edit, and delete Pending Delete Backorder requests up until the published deadline on the website (usually 9 AM EST for .COM and .NET and 7AM or 10AM PST for .ORG, depending on daylight schedule). Please remember that only minimum bid backorders can be deleted.
How many domains can I input into my list each day?
NameJet customers with Verified Bidder status may enter a maximum of 500 Backorder requests on Pending Delete domains per day. NameJet customers who are not yet a Verified Bidder will be able to add up to 10 domains per day to their Backorder request list. For more information on becoming a Verified Bidder, please see our Verified Bidder page.
If I backorder Pending Delete domains more than once, am I more likely to get it?
No. Customers only need to submit a Backorder request once. NameJet will scrub your Backorder request list for any duplicate names. To increase your chances of acquiring a Pending Delete domain name utilizing our platform, it is suggested that you submit a higher Backorder amount so that our registrar partners can potentially use more system resources to attempt to get the name.
Is there any advantage to Backorder Pending Delete domains with a higher amount?
Yes. The more backorders and the higher the amounts, the more system resources our registrar partners will likely utilize in an attempt to acquire a domain when it is deleted at the registry. If NameJet is successful at getting the domain through one of our registrar partners, an auction starts at the highest backorder amount if there are multiple bidders for that domain.
What if another NameJet customer wants the same domain?
NameJet uses a competitive bidding process. If two or more customers place a backorder request for the same domain, that domain will go into a 3-day auction where only customers with previous backorders meeting the minimum bid requirements may participate in the auction.
What happens in the event of two identical, auction bid minimums and neither customer submits a higher bid?
If two or more customers make a backorder request for the same amount (tie) and no one bids any higher during the multi-bidder auction, the domain will be awarded to the customer who first submitted the backorder request.


What do I have to do before I can bid on domains?
You first have to create a free account at NameJet. NameJet accepts bids from bidders who are logged into their NameJet account and have a valid credit card on file.
What does Pending Auction mean on my backorder list?
Once the deadline to update or delete a domain from your backorder list has lapsed, the domain is frozen and no changes to the bid amount can take place, nor can you delete it. It will show as "Pending Auction" on your backorder list and the delete box will be grayed out. The domain will transition to an auction typically within 24 hours after the deadline and will be found on the "My Auctions" page in your NameJet account.
How does the NameJet bidding process work?
Customers must submit a backorder request and commit to paying at least the minimum bid amount. If the backorder request was a Wishlist backorder (a domain that was not listed on our website as Pending Delete or Pre-Release) and comes up on our platform as either a Pre-Release or a Pending Delete backorder, you will need to verify that your initial bid meets the listed Minimum Backorder Bid amount.

NameJet accepts bids from bidders who are logged into their NameJet account and have a valid credit card on file, and if the auction crosses a certain threshold Verified Bidder rules shall apply. If you have the only backorder once the Pre-Release or Pending Delete deadline passes (and the name is acquired in the case of Pending Delete domains), you will get the domain for the minimum bid amount. If two or more customers backordered the same domain, an auction will be held. If 2 or more customers place a minimum bid backorder on the same domain, but there is no further bidding in the auction, the backorder placed first will win (provided the domain does not have a reserve).

Once the auction has started, participants will be able to bid with "Proxy Bids" which allows the system to automatically place bids on your behalf up to your desired maximum bid amount.

If a bid is submitted any time during the final five minutes, the auction is extended an additional 5 minutes from the time that bid is accepted. The auction will continue to be extended in 5-minute increments until no further bids are received. The auction will close after 5 minutes have lapsed without any new bids.
How do I set up SMS/text notifications?
Please log into your account and go to My Account page. Click on the Account Details link on the left side of the page. Click on SMS Setting tab, then input the phone number where you want the notifications sent. Input security code and click Save. For more information and set up instructions, click here
What if I find out there is a trademark on a domain I am bidding for, or it is not spelled as I expected?
A buyer should always use caution and do the proper research when purchasing a domain name. Double check that a domain is not a typo or is actually numbers instead of letters. There are no refunds after an auction has closed when you win a name that is spelled differently than you originally thought, or you later find there is a trademark associated with the domain. We urge you to investigate as to whether a domain infringes on the legal rights of others before placing a backorder and making a commitment to purchase it.
How much can I bid for a domain?
You agree to pay your bid amount when it meets the minimum bid requirements. Non-verified NameJet customers are limited to a combined total of $2,500 in all active actions. See our Verified Bidder page for information on becoming a Verified Bidder and having the bidding restrictions removed.

During an auction, the bid amount needed for a subsequent bid is raised to an amount that is greater than the current high bid. Bid increments vary as shown in the table below. Please note that these increments may change without notice.

Bid Increments:

Bid Range (USD)Bid Step (USD)
$89 or less$1
$90 - $149$5
$150 - $249$10
$250 - $999$25
$1,000 - $2,499$50
$2,500 - $4,999$100
$5,000 - $9,999$250
$10,000 - $24,999$500
$25,000 - $49,999$1,000
$50,000 - $99,999$2,500
$100,000 - $249,999$5,000
$250,000 - $499,999$10,000
$500,000 - $999,999$25,000
Greater than $999,999$50,000
Is this a blind bidding process?
No. During the backorder period, only minimum bid will be displayed. However once the Public/Private auction starts, high bids will be displayed.
How do I pay for my purchases?
You can pay for domains by credit card or wire transfer. You can also fund your NameJet account via PayPal or AliPay. Please note that certain rules and restrictions apply and that you may need to be a Verified Bidder to utilize certain payment methods. If you anticipate that your purchases will be small and infrequent, you may simply wish to let us charge your credit card each time you win a domain. The more frequent and larger your purchases, the more you may prefer to send wire transfers to establish an account balance, which we debit when we award you a name. Please remember that domains over $5,000 must be paid by wire transfer.
What if I win a bid and do not have enough funds to cover the cost?
We will attempt to debit a customer’s NameJet account first, and then bill the credit card on file, for up to 7 days for non-verified Bidders, and 14 days for those accounts with Verified Bidder status. If the customer has insufficient funds to pay for a domain, the account status will change to Past Due, and you will not be able to participate in new auctions until the auctions are within the allowed grace period.

You will receive daily email reminders listing domains that have been awarded, but are still pending payment. In addition, you can view your reports online in your NameJet account to see which domains are pending payment. Accounts that fail to pay during the Past Due period will enter into Default status and will be suspended.
What is proxy bidding?
A proxy bid represents the highest amount you are willing to bid for a particular domain in an auction. Once you enter a proxy bid, the proxy bidding system will increment bids (see Increment charts above) up to your maximum bid.

Proxy bidding allows you to set your maximum bid amount without having to watch the auction in real-time to attempt to outbid other bidders. The proxy bidding capability will only auto-bid to an amount that will enable you to be the highest bidder for a domain. If other participants continue to submit bids, the auto-bid process will bid on your behalf until the amount reaches your maximum bid amount.
Are there any other fees for using NameJet in addition to my bid on a domain name that I have won?
NameJet charges only the final bid amount on domain name auctions where you were the winning bidder. NameJet also currently charges a 2.5% Online Administration Fee for all payments made to NameJet via any online method, such as credit card (regardless of what credit card is used), PayPal or Alipay. This fee will be applied to any payments billed for auction wins when utilizing an online method (including the credit card on file) and for adding funds to a NameJet account via an online method. By participating in or winning any auctions or otherwise purchasing any domains via NameJet you agree to this fee and the payment thereof. There are no hidden costs or fees to place a backorder or create an account with NameJet.
What is a reserve?
Some auctions may have a reserve. An auction reserve is the minimum price for which the seller will accept in order to sell the domain. The reserve amount is not made public, but the reserve range may be. Your bids are accepted even if the reserve has not been met. However no sale will be finalized at the end of the auction unless the reserve price is met. If you enter a proxy bid, your bid will be raised to the amount that will meet the reserve (up to your high bid). Visit the Auction Details page to determine if the reserve was met for a particular domain or see it in on the "My Auctions" page if you are a bidder.
What is a Minimum Bid auction?
Some auctions may be listed with a Minimum Bid. This is the lowest amount the Seller will accept in order to sell the domain. Unlike reserve amounts, the Minimum Bid amount is made public and your backorder bid will not be accepted if it is below the applicable minimum bid amount for a domain.


What is a Private auction?
A Private auction is one that is only open to those who have placed a backorder on the domain prior to the backorder deadline. Currently, Pending Delete auctions are private. Most of our registrar partners will list their expiry domains as Private auctions as well. In some cases, Direct Listers may also choose to list their domains with a Private status. The upcoming status of a particular domain is identified on the Backorder Details page for the domain.
How do I know if my backordered domain is part of a Private auction?
You will be notified by NameJet via email if the domain you backordered has been entered into a private auction. You can also find all the auctions in which you are participating in the My Account > My Auctions page. Also, the upcoming status of a particular domain is identified on the Backorder Details page for the domain.
What is the starting bid for a Private auction?
Bidding will begin at the minimum amount published on the NameJet website. Bids will increase in increments based upon the high bid amounts and Bid Increment charts above. The maximum combined bid amount for a non-verified NameJet customer is $2,500.
What is a Public auction?
A Public auction is open to all Bidders, and a backorder is not required to participate. Registrars and Direct Listers may auction their domains in a Public Auction. Entering bids below the current high bid is not permitted during the active Public Auction, and all bids entered during the auction will need to be for the next highest bid increment. And while a Bidder may have the highest bid, if reserve is not met the domain will not be sold.

A Public Auction may also take place if a customer failed to remit payment for a previously auctioned domain where the auction was older than 30 days. The previous winner in the auction that failed to remit payment will be prohibited from participating. Previous bidders of a domain name that are allowed to participate will be placed into the Public auction and will be notified by email that the domain name is available to be bid on again.

For Public auction domains, the upcoming status of a particular domain is identified on the Backorder Details page for the domain. Customers can also view any domains that are in public auction by going to: Browse Domains > Public Auctions.
What is the starting bid for a Public auction?
Bidding will begin at the minimum amount published on the NameJet website. Bids will increase in increments based upon the high bid amounts and type of auctions (see Bid Increment charts above). The maximum combined bid amount for a non-verified NameJet customer is $2,500.
What if someone fails to pay for an auction?
We may relist the name in a new auction. If so, NameJet will carry forward all bidders in good standing (excluding the bidder that did not pay,) with their final bids from the last auction, but will reset the bids to the minimum bids. Initial bid dates are retained, with the highest bidder being the account that entered the domain on their backorder list first.
How long do I have to pay for a domain on NameJet?
The NameJet agreement states you will pay for the domain upon demand (when the auction closes). However, we will provide a courtesy extension of 7 days to pay for domains for non-verified bidders, and up to 14 days for accounts with a Verified Bidder status. If you fail to pay for an auction within the allowed grace period, your account will go into a "Past Due" status and all bidding functionalities of your account will deactivated. If you fail to bring your account current during the Past Due status, your account will enter Default status and it will be suspended.
Where can I find my auction due dates?
Courtesy emails reminders are sent each night and may contain a partial or full list of auctions pending payment or in Past Due statue. For a complete and current listing, you should log into your account and go to the Auction Reports page and filter by "Pending Payment". All domains are due by a specific date and time. All times are in Pacific Standard Time. NameJet cannot alter the order your auctions are processed. NameJet will always attempt to process the OLDEST auction (by end date) first, regardless of "Due By" date or amount.
Can I get an extension on the due date if I need more time?
No. All domains must be paid by the “Due By” date as listed on your report. No additional extensions will be granted beyond your Pending Payment and Past Due grace periods.
What does "Past Due" status mean?
If you fail to pay for an auction within the allowed grace period, your account will go into a "Past Due" status and all bidding functionalities of your account will be deactivated. At that time no backorders will be added to active auctions, you will not be able to bid on any auctions, you cannot add to your backorder list, and no new auctions will be awarded to you.
How do I pay for auctions with a "Past Due" status?
Please log into your account and update the credit card information on the Billing Details page as soon as possible so you do not lose any valuable names. We will automatically attempt to process any domains owed several times a day until the payment required date. You may also make payments by following the provided links from within your account. If you do not make payment on your Past Due orders during the allowed time, your account will enter Default status and will be suspended.
Once I pay for "Past Due" auctions, when will I be able to bid again?
Provided you are not in Default status, once you bring your account current, your bidding functionality will be enabled and you will be able to bid on active auctions found on your MY ACTIONS page. If you missed the deadline to add domains to your backorder list, you cannot be added to any auctions that started during this time. Likewise you will have missed the opportunity to bid on any auctions that closed while your account was in Past Due status.
What happens if I am unable to pay for auctions in a "Past Due" status?
If NameJet does not receive payment by the required date for Past Due auctions your account will be placed in Default status and will be suspended. Further, you will have forfeited any claims to any domains previously awarded to you. As your account is closed, backorders will not convert to auctions, and you will not be able to participate in any new auctions.

Verified Bidding

What is the Verified Bidder program?
NameJet’s Verified Bidder program is a free, opt-in program that allows serious customers to bid on more names, and at higher dollar values. If you want to place auction bids over $2,500 total, or backorder more than 10 domain names, you must be a Verified Bidder. Likewise, in order to submit domains for consideration to be an approved Direct Lister on the NameJet platform, you must have a Verified Bidder status. To apply for Verified Bidder status please sign and attach the completed Verified Bidder Request form along with photo ID that matches the credit card on file to a Support Center ticket and your application will be reviewed.

We understand that the Verified Bidder process involves some extra effort by users. We believe the process ultimately improves the user experience as Verified Bidders are more likely to put legitimate bids on domain names, reduce transaction costs for all users, and improve the security of the system.
How to become a Verified Bidder?
To apply for Verified Bidder status, you must download our Verified Bidder Request form. Please sign and attach the completed form along with color photo identification to a Support Center ticket created from within your account. We will notify you by email if/when your account has been upgraded.

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