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Pricing for backordered domains & domain auctions

There is no risk and no fee to participate in NameJet

At NameJet, you are only responsible for payment if you get the name. Backorder domains on or above the minimum bid amount to participate at auction. (Some restrictions apply to non Verified Bidders.) You are charged only when you get the name that you want.

No hidden costs

At NameJet, all bids include the registration of your new domain name. Renewal pricing after that one-year period is determined by the registrar of your domain name.

Variable pricing

Our domain name providers are setting their own starting bid. Be sure to watch often, as you will not be entered in the auction if you are below the asked minimum bid.

Private domain name auctions

Only those who placed a Backorder on the domain name are eligible to participate in the auction for that domain. The amount of your backorder becomes your proxy bid.

Public domain name auctions

NameJet offers public domain auctions, whose names come from several sources, including private auctions in which the top bidder was disqualified for non-payment. In that case, the second highest bid of the private auction gets carried over.

What is a Verified Bidder?

If your account has not previously been verified, in order to backorder or bid on more than 10 domain names per day or over $2,500 (all bids collectively), all users must become Verified Bidders.

To learn more about our Verified Bidder program, please visit the Verified Bidder page. To become a Verified Bidder, download our Verified Bidder Request form, sign, and fax the form along with government-issued photo identification to the number provided. We will notify you by email when your account has been upgraded.

Domain Name Bid Types


The amount you enter is treated as a proxy bid in the ensuing auction.

Proxy Bid

The bid you enter is the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the domain. We will bid for you up to your maximum amount to ensure that you have the high bid and met any reserve.

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