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Advanced Domaining Tools

Advanced tools help catch the domain names you want

With the resources of many of the top domain name registrars, NameJet makes it easier to find, bid and win the expired domain names you seek. We have wrapped our advanced search technology in a specially designed user-friendly interface, so that even newcomers to the domain name aftermarket can quickly and easily get started.

Last Minute Board

Once you are participating in an auction, our Last Minute Board displays a dynamic personalized listing of all your auctions along with the domain names, current high bid, your maximum bid and a countdown clock to the end of the domain auction. Is your bid high enough? Has the reserve been met? Automatically refreshed data lets you keep a close eye on your domain name auctions as they are going, going, gone!

Verified Bidding

Bid as much as you want! If you're serious about participating in the domain name aftermarket, the Verified Bidder program is one of your most important tools. There are no bidding restrictions for Verified Bidders. Learn more

Bulk Auction Bidding

When you browse or search domain auctions, you'll see results displayed with a checkbox next to them. After you check off all the domain names that interest you, click the "Bid on Selected Domains" button. The next screen will display all the domain names you selected. Then you can enter a bid on each domain name all on one page. Then at My Auctions > Bulk Bid, you can enter as many of the domain names you are presently bidding on as you like, followed by a colon and the amount you would like to bid.

Bulk Domain Backorders

On our Bulk Add page, you can enter as many domain names as you like, followed by a colon and the amount you would like to bid. Once you've entered your domain name / bid amounts, click the "Submit" button. The names do not need to be on the current drop or auction lists; they can be any domain name you're interested in buying. NameJet will monitor each day's dropped domain list and notify you if that name becomes available.

Watch Domain Names

Want to follow names at auction without placing a bid right away? Under "Browse Auctions" simply check off those that interest you, and then click the “Watch Selected Domains” button. Those names will be sent to your "My Auctions" page with no bid. This is a great tool to follow the bid price of active domain auctions in the Last Minute Board.

Real Time SMS/Text Notifications

Don’t be tied to your computer during auctions you are bidding on. Quick and easy set up that will allow you to get text notifications on your mobile phone when your bid has been out bid. It will also alert you when you have auctions starting and ending that day. It will also let you know if you won the auctions. US mobile phone numbers only and text message rates may apply. Click here to learn more and for instructions on how to set up this tool

Free Download of Pending Delete and Pre-Release Domain Names

NameJet makes those lists available to users in three ways. Use our advanced domain name search tool to enter keywords, number of characters and domain extension to return only those names which meet your criteria. You can browse the domains in our "Browse Domains" section. Finally you can download the complete lists to find names that interest you. Download List of Domain Names

Search Names

Try our Browse Domains to find domains in pre-release, pending delete, and public auctions.

Saved Searches

Seeking domain names containing a certain word, number of characters or extension? Our Saved Searches feature allows you to save and name that query so you can run it in the future when new pending delete lists are released. Just click the "Create a New Saved Search" button under the "My Account" section.

Sort and Filter

View your auctions, backorders and reports in many ways. Simply click the header at the top of each column to sort your domains alphabetically, in ascending or descending order of bid amount, auction closing date and other properties.

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